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Manathera is an unusual Monocerus. All Monocerus are not born with their horns. Instead the horns grow as they progress into adulthood. The type of horn depends on what forms of ambient magic they are exposed to. Since it is impossible to completely control ambient magic, no two Monocerus’ horns are the same. Though a family of elementalist Monoceri will most likely produce an offspring that shares in their elements as that’s the sort of magic the young would be around most. Sometimes a young Monocerus will pass near or into a wild magic event that can warp or change their horns and developing powers in unusual ways. Manathera here is a prime example of the effects of a rare and powerful wild magic storm that forced her from the path of fire and into the unfamiliar realm of precognition and divination.

Blind from the magic storm and bestowed with unusual wisdom and power, she is often consulted with by the king of the Monocerus.

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