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Yeah.. one of those “I have to draw this” moments.
What if Star Trek TNG and Rogue Trader mixed… And here is my version of that vision.. Emperor forgive me.
Troy is the Astropath
Riker is the Arch Militant
Picard is the Rogue Trader (natch)
Crusher is the Medecae (Explorator)
Data is the Navigator
Geordie is the Explorator
Worf is the Ogryn

Enjoy ^.^


Thought I’d repost for a wider audiance.. I’m kinda proud of this pic after all.. Lemme know what you think ^.^

In the north west we have our share of fearsome Chimeras. A strange amalgamation with the heads of a wolf, dragon and ram. The body of a lion and the tail that is a constricting snake. They stand larger than the mighty Manticore.

They tend to guard ancient ruins and natural caves as their lair and have a wide hunting ground.

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1. Favorite Past time

I do enjoy mountain climbing, I grew up with Mountain Goats in the northern mountains while my father was deployed there. I’m pretty nimble on a rock face.

2. If you could meet anypony from History, who and why

I would want to meet the Great King Charlemane from ancient times.. He knew how to get things done.. even if I don’t agree with his methods.

3. You get to spend a day with Princess Celestia, what would you do?

It’s obvious..  We’d drag race the royal chariots with Princess Luna.. I bet those stallions that pull the carts have a pretty serious rivalry going on.

4. Did you steal cookies from the cookie jar?

Theft of cookies? While I do love baked goods.. I make a good enough wage to be able to afford to pay for them.

5. If you could switch your pony type for a day, would you and to what?

Pegasus… I want to know what it’s like to soar through the sky, unaided by any means but my own wings.

6. All-expenses paid trip to any -one- place around the world for a year. Where would you go and why?

A whole year in one place? I think I might go crazy.. So I’d just take a trip across Equestria for a year. For me, it’s the trip and not the destination.

7. Do you like to read, if so, what do you like to read?

I love to read! When I can get my hooves on a new adventure book like the Daring Do series I just can’t put it down until I’m done.

8. Favorite self-indulgent treat

There’s this little bakery in Canterlot and they make the best onion and leek pastries in the world. I know most ponies love sweet treats, I do too. But a nice savory treat.. yumm. I sometimes buy whole bag of them if I’m going out from Canterlot on patrol..

9. Is there somepony you have a crush on?

Well.. there is this poet.. but I don’t want to get in on that here..

10. Cake or Pie

First one, then the other.

My Questions:

1: You must become the costumed defender of Manehatton. What would your Hero name be?

2: What is your best “Simple” recipe that you make all the time?

3: Where is somewhere you want to go but have never been?

4: Princess Luna is coming for a visit! How to you make her feel welcomed to your home?

5: Sweet or Salty treats?

6: What sort of music is your favorite?

7: A pile of gold and jewels in a cave, no dragon in sight. What do you do?

8: Do you dig giant robots?

9: What’s the bravest thing you’ve ever done?

10: What’s the most foolhardy thing you’ve ever done?

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